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Krish and Deepa Nair are the owners of Krish Airport Hotels - beautiful serviced apartments in International Airport, Cochin.

After many years in the hospitality in Kerala, and other small business services, we were often disappointed while staying hotels near Cochin International Airport. Travelling to Cochin Main city is a pain with heavy traffic which takes around 2 hrs. in peak hours and people often misses Airplane or waste time.

Other Hotels near the Airport looked good in their brochure or in their website but we found very uncomfortable beds, spartan furnishings and limited kitchen facility. This experience motivated us to start Krish Airport Hotels, Cochin with a different approach. Krish and Deepa thrived to create a serviced apartment that is comfortable, business friendly, realxing with the same expectation that this is what your home should be. With this in mind, we have worked hard to improve our Krish Cochin Airport Hotels and maintain the apartment as our home. We enjoy being a part of your excitement that our guests experience in Cochin or in Kerala.

We hope we have made a perfect serviced apartment for you and your family that is exactly what you would have if it was yours. We hope you enjoy Krish Airport Hotels, Cochin.

Happy Holidays in Cochin.


Krish Nair - Krish Airport Hotels, Cochin, Kerala

In Cochin International Airport.


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